Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newer and better!

Chris Nichols has been one that we've been keeping an eye on lately.
His eager disposition, willingness to get in over his head, and he's a really nice fellow. Perhaps too nice, but we'll let him slide on that one.
He got sick before the MTRR and so couldn't race, but came out w/ his son and helped marshal a corner.
He has reviewed our rules and obligations and seems to be in agreement with our mission.
So please welcome Chris Nichols to the Backyard Bike club!

Unbeknownst to some, maybe to all, Ruth Cunningham has taken the huge step of getting her USUC license and signed on with the Backyard Bike club.
Hooray, another female member! And once again, a gamy individual, ready to try and take on about anything.
Ruth also did not race the MTRR but also did help marshal a corner. So since she helped and has joined, we can't kick her out...
Would you please welcome Ruth Cunningham to the Backyard Bike club!

Whew, that's tiring.

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  1. I want in!

    Fort James - www.fortjames.blogspot.com Back at it!!