Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little history.

The idea of the "club" started out of a need for me to permit my own USAC events. I really didn't care much about the name cause I really didn't plan on anyone joining. Then Nars got wind of the idea. He was hocked like a baby on sugar. Day one he started thinking of names. Then one night after return from a walk with Betsy and Jackie he called. Backyard Bike Club he said! From then on out it been all ByBC!
I was the first to "officially" sign up via USA cycling then came Chris, Nars and Betsy. I was very happy to learn of R.C. joining of the ByBC. You don't have to have a silly license to join but you do have to pass Gunnar's judgment! hehehe! Mean people need not apply..

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