Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A little history.

The idea of the "club" started out of a need for me to permit my own USAC events. I really didn't care much about the name cause I really didn't plan on anyone joining. Then Nars got wind of the idea. He was hocked like a baby on sugar. Day one he started thinking of names. Then one night after return from a walk with Betsy and Jackie he called. Backyard Bike Club he said! From then on out it been all ByBC!
I was the first to "officially" sign up via USA cycling then came Chris, Nars and Betsy. I was very happy to learn of R.C. joining of the ByBC. You don't have to have a silly license to join but you do have to pass Gunnar's judgment! hehehe! Mean people need not apply..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Newer and better!

Chris Nichols has been one that we've been keeping an eye on lately.
His eager disposition, willingness to get in over his head, and he's a really nice fellow. Perhaps too nice, but we'll let him slide on that one.
He got sick before the MTRR and so couldn't race, but came out w/ his son and helped marshal a corner.
He has reviewed our rules and obligations and seems to be in agreement with our mission.
So please welcome Chris Nichols to the Backyard Bike club!

Unbeknownst to some, maybe to all, Ruth Cunningham has taken the huge step of getting her USUC license and signed on with the Backyard Bike club.
Hooray, another female member! And once again, a gamy individual, ready to try and take on about anything.
Ruth also did not race the MTRR but also did help marshal a corner. So since she helped and has joined, we can't kick her out...
Would you please welcome Ruth Cunningham to the Backyard Bike club!

Whew, that's tiring.

Did you hear?

The MorganTown Road Race was a giant success!!

MoTown RR

160 riders and quite nary a complaint!
And as far as I can tell, this is a record for a road race (non Pro) in WV.
We were a bit inundated w/ the results, but everyone was very patient and we did at least double the prize list, so there really weren't too many reasons for folks to complain.
And the day turned lovely.

In emails and on facebook the praise has been high. And now so are we.
Hooray for the ByBc!

We are growing!

After the successful second big ByBc group ride we have had a few requests for membership, and since they did complete the ride and rode fine and such, we are happy to announce-
Mike Keane
Fred Frasch
as members in good standing of the Backyard Bike club.

These two gentlemen cyclists both work at NIOSH (the same as Betsy) and the all three comprise the core of the NIOSH Lunch Time ride.